About us and our blog

Physalia is a design and animation studio based in Barcelona and founded in 2007. It has since the beginning shown a clear R+D tendency- 3D animation, photography, live action, stopmotion, robotics, electronics… This wide technichal variety allows them to face new projects in a distinctive and personal way. For Physalia, every new project is unique: a work of craftsmanship.

PHYSALIA_Panorama 1

In the middle of the production of our last piece for IdN, we pondered a lot about our workflow and processes, and reflected on the fact that we like doing making of’s so much. We decided that in order to explain ourselves properly, and to really share how things are done, a 3-minute making of with no careful explanations was probably not enough. We sometimes find it hard to explain how we make things work in one-hour conferences, and bear in mind that we are constantly revising and re-writing those! – so this should come as no surprise.


So we have decided to start a new blog and share with you what’s behind of our behind the scenes – the concepts, the tricky little details and the how-to’s and how-not-to’s. With that information, perhaps you will feel inspired to start a Lab of your own, and we’ll definitely be looking forward to hearing how that goes!

Physalia love!


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